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The Story of Mittelwood

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Mittelwood is beautiful

We worked hard to make it work.

Mommy is beautiful
Mittelwood is a small homestead in the wilds of the Western Pennsylvania. It boasts seven acres, mostly of woodland, a small clearing, a muddy pond, and a "dribble in the late summer, but still pretty much year-round," spring. However, it doesn't have things like a proper house or on-grid electricity.

While my husband and I were working toward our goal to run away from civilization and live there year-round, but before we'd gotten to the drastic line-items of the plan, like selling our house in town (complete with indoor plumbing, a gas furnace, and electricity), life happened to my mother, and she came to live with us.

Frankly, Mommy is much more wonderful than Mittelwood, which says A LOT for her because Mittelwood is amazing. But, unfortunately, Mommy can't live in a place that's so primitive. So, Mittlewood will have to wait a while.

I've got lots of time while I stay here with Mom, and Stephan got me thinking that I might as well start sending some of my stories out into the world. Who knows, maybe one of them will get caught in the Zeitgeist and fly so high it can pay for a proper house at Mittelwood. And, if that happens, we will build that house. We will still spend our winters here; Mittelwood gets snowed in a little too often in winter, and it wouldn't be the safest and best place for Mom then, but we can spend our summers there in the sunshine. We will plant a garden with a thousand flowers. There will be a ramp from my mother's room that slopes gently until it meets a wide garden path. On sunny days, I will wheel her hospital bed down the ramp and out into the garden, and I'll sit her up so she can watch the flowers grow. My mother loves flowers.

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